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Our goal is to make your business run smoother. PRISM helps by keeping your sales team happy, organized and efficient.

Order Entry and Trade Shows

PRISM is ideal to quickly take orders at trade shows either by browsing the catalog pages or scanning the barcodes directly on the products

  • Print order confirmation with thumbnails on the spot
  •  Use barcode scanning for easy ordering
  • Review customer purchase history directly on the device
  • And so much more

PRISM in action at the Gift Show

Gourmet du Village on P.R.I.S.M for iPad

Tannex: Interview on P.R.I.S.M for iPad

PRISM for iPad: Canadian Gift Concept


PRISM the only app on the market that allow you to use your own catalogs and digitize them through a very simple process.

Once digitized, catalogs can be used as a very powerful sales tool as items can jus be tapped to add them to the order.

A relationship is created between the image and the product making it very easy to add a product to an order by just tapping on the image

  • Unlimited number of catalogs
  • Any document (Word, PDF, Excel, JPG) can be converted to a dynamic catalog
  • A catalog can also be an order sheet where the behavior changes based on the type of catalog to just open a simple keypad for adding items very quickly to the orders
  • Catalogs are controlled from the head office and synchronized to all the reps automatically.
  • Create sell sheets, newsletters, special listing or actual product catalogs. All will be available for the reps to help in their sales process
Watch PRISM in Action

Web Store

Upon registering for the PRISM app, PRISM creates a maintenance free webstore automatically.

The web store is free for 90 days, no setup fees, nothing.

After 90 days a small fee will apply if you decide to utilize it.

Best of all, all data, images, prices, order history customer history is automatically loaded from the PRISM database as it is shared by the app infrastructure.

Many options available for customization.

All you need to do is add a link from your regular website and “voila” you have a web store.

Reps can log in and view and place orders for all their customers.

Customers can log in with a password that YOU supply and maintain.

Orders from the webstore follow the same flow as orders from the iPads but are indicated as coming from the web store.

Show a few images from the webstore in a computer frame

Watch PRISM in Action

Advanced features

  • End user login
    • Give an access to your app for your customers so they can order directly from you
    • Advanced categories
      • Unlimited number of levels of categories
      • Ability to add all items from a category in 3 clicks
      • Supplementary filtered items for required add-ons
  • Live inventory
    • See your on-hand quantity live when connected to the internet and back end server will recompile as orders are coming in.
  • Related items
    • Parent-Child functionality
    • Related items for alternate selection
  • Segregation of products and catalogs
    •  Assign specific products and catalogs for customers and sales reps
  • Drag and drop items into the shopping card for ease of use
  • 2 Dimensional Size Color Matrix
  • Order History
  • Customer Management
  • Email functionality
  • Large number of settings for specific use customized per user
  • Customer signature capture
  • Order location tracking
    • Geo mark where each order is taken (Integrated to google maps)
  • Price specials
    • Highlight specials in red with line across original prices
  • Super advanced search functionality
    • Add product as wish list items then consolidate at check out
  • Quote creation
  • Truly Multi Platform
    • Native iOS
    • Native iPad
    • Native Android
    • Windows
Watch PRISM in Action

Barcode Scanning

  • Use any Bluetooth barcode scanner paired to the device for speed and accuracy
  • Scanners are available for under $100.00
  • Or use device camera for scanning barcodes directly onto an order
  • Use PRISM portal to print barcode labels
  • Add items automatically by increment of 1 or by increment of the minimum order quantity (Optional)
  • Sound activated scans
  • Visual indicator
  • Easily add or remove items to the order using the scanner


Watch PRISM in Action


  • Integrate seamlessly to a wide range of accounting packages
  • Get products and customer
  • Create orders and quotes
  • Add logos:
  • Sage
  • Spire
  • Quickbooks
  • Netsuite
  • Microsoft
  • Freshbooks
  • Xero
  • Winsol
Watch PRISM in Action


PRISM is a powerful and feature-rich mobile sales order management tool that can be customized to your unique needs. Take a look at the many benefits the PRISM has to offer.


Ease of use


Visually appealing


Customizable features


Improved speed and accuracy


Offline capability


Dedicated customer support


See PRISM action in these videos